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CLIENT ADMINISTRATION : Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate General İSKİ

DESCRIPTION : Technical Specifications 1 kilçekirdekl rockfill dam 1 upstream cofferdam 1 downstream cofferdam 1 pump building 113.00 metric approach A total of 147 mt discharge channel 260 m long electric and hydraulic control 3 radial gates that can balance the load over 13 metric tons of water service water control spillway bridge L = 330, mtv, 4.5 m internal diameter diversion tunnel of circular cross section L = 2507 m and 4.5 m internal diameter of circular cross-section between the two dams the water tunnel that passes directly Soil Consolidation And Tightness Applications (8105 M2 50 cm wide 60 cm wide Sluury Sluury-Trench 3639m2 -Trench Tightness Curtain 2457 Mt 50 mm diameter jet -Grout Manufacture And Injection) Water Intake Structure Research Wells L = 1540 meters wide 8.45 meters wide Stabilized Stabilized Coated road construction Culverts in Various Sizes Service Roads Downstream Arrangement Stream Improvement Environmental Arrangement And Ihata Ile Stone retaining wall construction of fortifications

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