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DESCRIPTION : Making by other firms in 1976 started, but for various reasons, 10 years total business volume but 28% corresponding to a section that can be completed Medical Faculty of the remaining 72% like part of 19 months, a record time complement the Turkish people that offer the service of Ilgaz A. Sh. necessary to the national economy, both countries are proud of their contributions to health. Technical Specifications 120,000 m2 construction area, 24 meliyath home, 125 private rooms 25 seminar rooms, 3250 mahal, 8 dual-speed selective elevator, 175,000 workers / day, 3250 wood, 680 metal doors, 15.000armat the 1500 battery, 100 tons of metal, 150 tons of plastic frames, 148,000 m cable, 10,000 m2 of glass, 80 tons of paint, 20,000 m2 antibacterial paint, 60,000 m2 of granite slab patterned, 20,000 m of wall protection bands, Central oxygen, nitrogen protoxide, the vacuum system, Medical gas control-alarm system, Fully automatic fire detection-alarm system, Heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, 1,000-Unit announcements, music system, 1504 subscriber automatic telephone switchboard, TV broadcasting system, 1500 KVA Generator Sets in Fully Automatic, the

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