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TOTAL AREA : 400.000m2

DESCRIPTION : Turkey`s most important fruit and vegetable production center in Antalya 400 thousand m2 in the field performing construction we delivered Marketplace Complex, Building owned by Ilgaz power and technology is one of the most concrete examples. Cold storage, trader and broker birimleriyle103 thousand 338 m2 with a construction area of Antalya State Complexes; storage and distribution problems caused by eliminate in Turkey in the 2000s, even cheaper and more abundant fruit and vegetables to supply the very large contribution to the mega I`m a projedir.he in the Antalya region, as well as to the Turkish economy, which is very great vitality and mobility Hal Antalya Complex, Ilgaz Construction`s pride and joy is among the most important ones. Technical Specifications Construction Area (indoor): 103,338 m2 Small Merchants Unit: 189 Broker Units: 144 units Large Merchant Units: 144 units Total: 477 Cold Storage: 21,437 m2 Total Construction Area: 400.000m2

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